• Welcome To Abu Dhabi Indian Islamic Centre.

    IIC is functioning here in Abu Dhabi for the last 43 years with a dictum mostly to promote Indo Arab Culture and also to fortify the two-pronged relationship amid the people of India and the United Arab Emirates. To organize the Indian Muslims be located in Abu Dhabi by providing them a common forum to come closer in order to consolidate their activities for the promotion of mutual aid in the field of religious, social, educational and cultural activities.

    To provide the pecuniary prop up to the deprived and deserved populace who are suffering from serious ailments like heart surgery, kidney transplantation, and other major diseases, to aid homeless people to build a hut, to provide the financial help to the deprived girls to get married, to help the physically and mentally handicapped people, etc..

    Rendering necessary co-operation and assistance for burial/transportation of those Indians who happened to be died here. On the other side, we are trying to unite the abilities of the community to make it more useful to uplift them in the religious, social, educational and cultural fields. This we are achieving by conducting religious classes, arranging socio-cultural & Arts programs within the sphere of Islamic Cultural and moral principles.