IIC is an organization that stays unique by the distinctive perceptions that are made practical with the support of Indian expatriates in Abudhabi. The organization had foreseen the needs of Indians working in Abudhabi decades before and this led to the unexampled success of IIC.

► IIC gives priority in uniting the Indian muslims and giving them exposure in the socio cultural, educational and religious activities.

► One of the greatest services brought in by IIC is in the field of education. IIC foresees the new trends and demands in the educational field and implements them perfectly with the advice and supervision of experts.

► To offer a helping hand to the suffering Indian muslims who are deprived of justice and assistance. The physically and mentally weak Indians and other deserving categories are given aids.

► To keep on providing medical assistances to the patients who are tired of terrible medical emergencies like kidney transplantation,heart surgery etc.

► IIC also keeps its eyes on the Indians who are trapped by the legal formalities ofUAE and do the needful to untie them.

► Arranges burial/transportation facilities for the Indians who dies in Abudhabi and also provides all necessary arrangements for the safe funeral.

► The most important vision of IIC lies in the uplifting of Indian muslims in all areas of the society, thereby enhancing a better value based life, making them ready to serve humanity in all possible way.