About Us


Indian Islamic Center(IIC) Abudhabi is the most authorized and reputed organization that works for the uplifting of muslims in Abudhabi. It exhibits the Indo- Arab communion and harmony, thereby strengthening the alliance between the two nations. The organization is a paragon of muslim unity and integration. IIC is an ideal example for the welfare and growth of muslims in different arenas of the society.  It is a perfect footstep into the socio cultural and educational provinces, bringing the expatriates to the forefront. IIC has been able to unite the Indian expatriates working in Abudhabi and could create the feeling of oneness among them. IIC has made a remarkable revolution in the educational sector of Abudhabi, providing value based quality education. The organization also gives legal assistance to the Indian expatriates who are troubled by the legal formalities of UAE.

Managing Committee

  • M.A. Yussufal - Chief Patron

  • Indian Islamic Centre Managing committee for the year 2021-2022