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Umrah Service

IIC provides facilities for its members and other expat Indians in UAE, includin

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Islamic Class for Students

Being a center to support the Indian community in Abu Dhabi, IIC provides basic

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Spoken English

IIC under its educational activities also provides facilities for students and j

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Spoken Arabic

For those who are willing to learn Arabic language and get fluency in the spoken

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Malayalm Classes

Since majority of its members are hailing form Kerala, a state in south India wi

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Karate Classes

Out if IIC’s keenness to support the physical health of its members and their ch

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Janaza prayer

Every Thursday, directly after Isha prayer, IIC arranges janaza prayer and condo

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Deadbody Repatriation

Being an organization with more than 50 years of successful track record in the

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Quran Class

IIC represents the moderate Islam which calls for the human brotherhood, toleran

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Hadeez Class

To make the public close to the teaching and preaching of Prophet Muhammed (S),

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Tajweed Class

Quran recitation has its own rules and regulations without which no one can atta

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Students workshops

IIC, in collaboration of its subcommittees including Educational, Cultural, Publ

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