The ventures of IIC get extended to religious activities, offering believers opportunities to visit the divine land of mekkah for Umrah. The scheme turns a great helping hand for the pilgrims as it is carried out with extreme responsibility and excellent supervision.



    IIC conducts Quran classes carried out by scholars as a service to the believers

  • Computer Courses

     Computer courses are offered to the students under the supervision of experts in the field. Training in different courses are given by IIC which would help the learners to be excellent in the area thereby building up different professions.      

  • Spoken English/ Arabic Classes

    Spoken English/ Arabic Classes are made available by IIC to develop linguistic competency in the students. Training is given by the linguistic experts through various practical sessions and programs.

  • Career Guidance

      IIC provides career guidance classes to the students which shows them a clear path to the future career. Career guidance classes are a great help for the students in deciding the future course of study and further career as they show them all possibilities of education.

  • Health Classes

      IIC takes interest in the physical and mental health of the learners by providing them regular health classes. Exercises, yoga classes etc are offered under the guidance of experts.

  • Student Camps

    Students Summer and Winter camps function as a part of IIC, giving entertainment together with information to the students during the summer and winter vacations. They are a real experience to the students as they provide a variety of programs presented in the most interesting way. The programs fill the students with extreme vibrance and ensure the complete involvement of students.

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