IIC is furnished with a classical library that opens the world of knowledge to the students, promising them all information needed for the improvement of their academic and non-academic skills. The IIC library functions with the modern facilities making all baaooks and journals available to the students within the least possible time. A reading room functions as a part of the library which is very convenient for the uninterrupted reading and study. All local, national and international journals are made available in the IIC so that the students can update themselves with the new trends in education as well as in the other fields. 



    IIC is equipped with an excellent auditorium with balcony that occupies a large audience at the same time. Fine seating arrangements, lighting, sounding, curtains, gents and ladies toilets and all other needed facilities are made ready in the auditorium welcoming the guests. The wide space in the auditorium provides a relaxed environment inside and gives the audience a feeling of active participation.


  • Conference Halls


        Conference halls have been readied in IIC campus to host official meetings and other events. A well arranged hall with seating facilities that supports discussions and meetings have been prepared together with the facilities of overhead projector, lighting and sounding effects that help in the effortless functioning of the conference. 

  • Classroom

    Class rooms in IIC have been designed ensuring the stress free and relaxed learning environment to the students. Appropriate lighting and seating arrangements have been provided in the class together with safeguarding the privacy of the students.

  • Computer Class Room


    An excellent computer class room has been furnished in IIC to make the students competent in all current affairs of the world. The facilitators guide the students to become in the world of latest softwares and internet making them ready for the competent world outside. Sufficient number of computers with fine seating arrangements and perfect supervision makes the classroom a good venue for learning.

  • Karate Center


        Along with academics, IIC gives importance to the development of the non academic talents of the students. We provide training in martial arts like Karate to bring in physical and mental strength in the students. Coaching in Karate has been viewed more than an entertainment and hence, strict and perfect supervision has been carried out in the same. Varieties of learning methods in Karate are executed under professionally trained masters ensuring complete safety during the training.  

  • Snooker Yard


    A well equipped snooker yard is an attraction of IIC, promoting the extra curricular talents of the students. All the facilities for a perfect gaming have been set up in the snooker room and are open to the students.

  • Shuttle Badminton Court


    IIC is equipped with a fine shuttle badminton court which provides entertainment and training to the students. An indoor stadium has been set up that gives the opportunity for a large number of audience to view the games at the same time. All related equipments and facilities    have been made ready in the court, supporting the students in their efficiency in sports and games. 

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