• Health Care Service.

    IIC have a big and well equipped Auditorium with balcony Including Lighting, Sounds,furniture, Men and Ladies toilets and so.

  • Legal Assistance

    IIC extends legal support and aid to those who gets trapped in the legal formalities of UAE. With its experience in the field, IIC has been a savior for many expatriates who had been terribly tied by the legal knots. 


  • Educational Scholarships

    Providing financial aids to students has always turned a meritorious service in the field of education, promising  security and assistance to carry out their studies smoothly . Implementing scholarships to deserving students will bring about great changes in the educational sector, 

    thereby making revolutions in various professions. IIC scholarships have been a great helping hand for the students, ensuring financial security throughout the course of study. The service offered by the IIC scholarships lessens the number of drop outs and hence turns a real social service.